Famous Halloween Movie Quotes 2021

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33+ Trending Famous Halloween Movie Quotes 2021

Famous Halloween Movie Quotes 2021: Scary times are just to come, and every loyal Halloween lover has been excitedly waiting to celebrate and create a real Halloween spirit. September is the start of the Halloween countdown for real fans of the event, and no doubt you can’t wait for Free-form’s “31 Nights of Halloween” to make its yearly comeback. You’re planning to play-act in a lot of funny Halloween movie quotes, and they’ll pair so amazing with your joyful pics on the ‘Gram.

Famous Halloween Movie Quotes

Famous Halloween Movie Quotes
Famous Halloween Movie Quotes
  •  “Don’t torture yourself, Gomez. That’s my job.” — Morticia, The Addams Family

  • “Do you have to open graves to find girls to fall in love with?” — Helen/The Princess, The Mummy (1932)

  •  “No, please don’t kill me, Mr. Ghostface, I wanna be in the sequel!” — Tatum Riley, Scream

  • “Isn’t the view beautiful? It takes my breath away. Well, it would if I had any.” — Emily, Corpse Bride

  • Famous Halloween Movie Quotes
    Famous Halloween Movie Quotes

    “It’s a full moon tonight. That’s when all the weirdos are out.” — Dani, Hocus Pocus

Horror Halloween movies are essentially known for a certain something and one thing in particular: Scaring the living crap out of individuals. Yet, that is not all they’re useful for. Albeit not by and large however of similar to the most esteemed of film types, horror films have contributed significantly to the historical backdrop of the film. There are numerous unnerving motion pictures that are currently viewed as works of art, and their effect on our way of life is certain. Consequently, it’s not shocking that there are so many notorious startling film statements.

Best Scary Halloween Movie Quotes

Considering that it’s October and Halloween is close to the corner, you’re probably going to hear a couple of these statements quibbled about by horror film sweethearts. You’re additionally liable to hear a couple of statements that don’t really show up in the films that individuals figure they do. For example, no place on this rundown will you discover “Hi, Clarice,” from The Silence of the Lambs, since Hannibal Lecter never says it. Nor will you run over “I am so terrified at this moment,” from The Blair Witch Project since that is never articulated in that film either — it comes from the farce scene in Scary Movie. Be that as it may, with regards to real horror film lines, you’ll find 14 of the most famous underneath. Halloween Movies Quotes

USE this Halloween Movie Quotes sayings to frighten your party visitors. With voice tweaks and the right audio cues, these statements can make any fearless heart shiver. You can likewise utilize these statements to embellish your Halloween party welcomes, cute gifts, and notes to say thanks.

Famous Halloween Movie Quotes
Famous Halloween Movie Quotes
  • Nightmare on Elm Street : Children: “One, two. Red’s calling for you. Three, four. Better lock your door. Five, six. Grab your crucifix. Seven, eight. Gonna stay up late. Nine, ten. Never sleep again.”

  • Planet Terror; Dr. William Block: “I’m gonna eat your brains, and gain your knowledge.”

  • The Haunting; Theodora: “Haven’t you noticed how nothing in this house seems to move until you look away and then you just… catch something out of the corner of your eye?”

  • Famous Halloween Movie Quotes
    Famous Halloween Movie Quotes

    The Uninvited; Roderick Fitzgerald: “That’s not because there are most ghosts here than other places, mind you. It’s just that people who live here about are strangely aware of them. You see, day and night, year in, year out, they listen to the pound and stir of the waves. There’s life and death in that restless sound. And eternity too.”

  • The Others; Mrs. Mills: “Sometimes the world of the living gets mixed up with the world of the dead.”

  • The Fly; Veronica Quaife: “Be afraid. Be very afraid.”

  • Silence of the Lambs; Hannibal Lecter: “I ate his liver with some fava beans and a fine Chianti.”

  • Famous Halloween Movie Quotes
    Famous Halloween Movie Quotes

    Child’s Play; Chucky: Hi! I’m Chucky. Want to play?

  • Dawn of the Dead; Televangelist: “When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth.”

  • The Sixth Sense; Cole Sear: “I see dead people.”

  • Halloween H20: 20 Years Later; Norma Watson: “You know, it’s Halloween. I guess everyone is entitled to one good scare, huh?”

  • Halloween (1978); Dr. Sam Loomis: “Death has come to your little town, Sheriff. You can either ignore it, or you can help me to stop it.”

  • Halloween (2007); Dr. Samuel Loomis: “These eyes will deceive you, they will destroy you. They will take from you, your innocence, your pride, and eventually your soul. These eyes do not see what you and I see. Behind these eyes one finds only blackness, the absence of light, these are of a psychopath.”

  • American Psycho; Patrick Bateman: “I want to stab you to death, and then play around with your blood.”

  • Friday the 13th; Crazy Ralph: “I’m a messenger of God. You’re doomed if you stay here. This place is cursed. Cursed… It’s got a death curse!”

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