How To Say Happy New Year In the Hawaiian Language 2021

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Happy New Year In the Hawaiian

Happy New Year in the Hawaiian. The words “Happy Christmas,” “MerryChristmas,” and “Happy New Year” has been employed, as far as I remember, in English-based literature since about 1700, with “Merry Christmas” growing particularly in following Charles Dickens’ use of the expression in his book “A Christmas Carol” (1843). Of course, it was within the attraction of the Christian preachers in Hawaiʻi, especially post-1820, that the thoughts of Christmas and “New Years” were carried here. The entire scheme of greetings came from English and American characters in the 1800s, and so the Hawaiian language used these foreign expressions.

Traditions of Hawaiians

The western Christmas and New Year came when the Hawaiians traditionally celebrated the earth for giving them everything to eat. This period of taking rest and feast was termed as Makahiki. It continued for 4 months, and no battles or fights were permitted during this time. Because makahiki also suggests “year,” the Hawaiian slogan for “Happy New Year” became “Hau’oli (happy) Makahiki (year) Hou (new).”

happy new year in the huawaiian

One way to use the new expressions was by utilizing terms already in the language. An example of this is “Aloha kakahiaka” for “good morning,” where “aloha” does not imply “good” but conducts a similar purpose or message to the listener as “good” does in this meaning in English. The word “kakahiaka” means “morning.”

Another style was via “Hawaiianizing” English words, where the English language expressions were sounded out in tones that were common to the Hawaiian tongue. An example of this is the statements “mele” for “merry” and “Kalikimaka” for “Christmas” in the expression “Mele Kalikimaka”! This identical process followed for “Happy New Year.” Some people say “Hauʻoli Makahiki Hou”; and others say “Hape Nūʻia.”

There are variants of these greetings obvious in some old Hawaiian newspapers and are yet learned here and there between Hawaiian language speakers. I have seen “Aloha Kalikimaka” as well as “Hauʻoli Kalikimaka” and “ʻAnoʻai Kalikimaka.” Interestingly, the first occurrence I observed for the word “Kalikimaka” mentioned in the old Hawaiian newspapers was 1877.

So the mystery remains about how to combine both greetings. Well, here is the story I would say is best, and is my personal preference for both speaking to someone as well as writing in Christmas cards:

“Mele Kalikimaka” a “Hauʻoli Makahiki Hou”

Using the references allows you to hold each phrase in its own “package”; it’s specifically the same as the two English language idioms being compared. It comes out sounding like I am talking to you and saying one greeting/wish after the other as quotations. Using “a” to connect the two quotations is like the English word “and,” so it completes the “Hawaiianization” of the two English-based expressions: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


It would also be exact to say, “Aloha Kalikimaka me ka Hape Nūʻia.” This is using the word “me” to join the two words and delivers the feeling of “together with,” so you would be speaking“Merry Christmas collectively with a Happy New Year.” I would say that the “me ka” joiner is not the best selection there; it’s not grammatically wrong, but it is not the best sounding to my ear.

New Year is my beloved festival season. It is one of the most famous holidays in the universe. The day is fashioned by different inheritances, customs, and traditions. Each religion celebrates this holiday in its own unique way. People start to plan for the celebration at least a month in advance. The arrangement begins by purchasing presents, decorating elements, and making new clothes.

New Year’s  Tree Depicts

The festival would not be perfect without a New Year Tree or the Christmas tree. It is a representation of the New Year, which is given from one generation to another. The new year tree is decorated; it is a sole thing for kids and adults, which is the aim that can be seen in every apartment during the holiday. The whole family needs assistance in decorating a tree with toys, candles, and different New Year Lights. Children think a tree to be a secret because the Russian Santa Clause conceals the gifts under this tree. I love this new year’s eve. Several days before there is a preparation of cakes for the new year, at the gatherings, there is a new year cake cutting tradition at midnight in this way people appreciate the functions and celebrate the new year festival.

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