New Year’s Eve Party Games 2021 | Happy New Year’s Eve Party Ideas 2021

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New Year’s Eve Party Games

Almost everyone serves a feast on New Year’s Eve. Make your party unique with our New Year’s Party ideas for meals and fun. Our New Year’s Eve party games for every age help produce memorable party guests will talk about all year long. Most only need a bit of planning and no specific supplies. So, get ready for the best New Year’s party ever!

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Two Resolutions and a Lie

If your party is bogging down, try Two Resolutions and a Lie to enjoy things up. Each guest offers three resolutions, two of which are true, and one is a lie. As each guest gets turns sharing theirs, the other guests try to determine which two are true and the lie. If you want, you can have guests keep track of their guesses and give a prize to the one with the most correct.

Cotton Ball Race

This entertaining relay race uses cotton balls and two pots. Divide your group into teams of from six to ten people. Point out a starting line on the carpet with masking tape and place a bowl of cotton balls and a pot of Vaseline on a table.

Across the room, have another table with an empty jar for each team. Each team lines up, and on “Go!” the first team members touch Vaseline on their noses, dip their noses into the pot of cotton balls, race to their team’s bowl, and deposit the cotton ball. Team members take turns, and the first team, whose members all finished the race, wins.

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Guess the name

The Name Game is a super easy New Year’s Eve party game that’s famous for many adults attending for fun but laid back games to play. For this game, all guests will want to contribute some names to a large pot. These can be heroes, fictional characters, historical characters, and even people in the room.

Party guests separate into teams and use turns trying to guess the names on the slip of paper by giving each other hints. Keep track of points if you wish, or simply enjoy the fun of the game.

Ribbon Dancing

You will want a ribbon cut into three-foot lengths for this game, one for every two guests. Hold all the ribbons in the mean and have guests grasp the end of a ribbon. When you let go, the two guests carrying the same ribbon ends are partners for a dance. The fun begins when guests see some unusual pairings. Repeat the pairings as often as wanted and still delightful.

Beverage Relay Race

You can play this game with champagne whistles and two bottles of champagne or any other New Year’s Eve beverage and drink vessels. Have those playing sit at a table with a vase filled with a drink, a spoon, and an empty drink container. The goal is to use the teaspoon to fill the vessel with the beverage. The first player to do so wins the game.

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Pass the Hat

An easy game, all you require is a New Year’s hat. Your guests sit around and try to pass the hat from head to head without using their hands. If a member drops the hat, they leave the circle. The last player left wins the hat or extra small reward.

Banana Bump

You will need a banana and an orange for every guest. Put a hula hoop in the center of the room and have the members form a circle around it at equal distances. The goal is to push the oranges into the hula hoop with the bananas. The task shifts more challenging and fun because the bananas are tied to the player’s waist, about a foot from the ground. Players cannot practice their hands. The first to succeed at getting their orange into the hula hoop circle is the winner.

Song Matching

When your guests visit, tell them to write the first few lines of a song on a long slip of paper. Cut the slips in half and collect them for later during the party. Whenever guests seem to want some fun, declare it is time to use their song lyrics.

Pass out the papers and tell your guests to find the person carrying the slip with the lyric that matches theirs. The first to do so wins the game. You can also use this for joining up dinner or dance partners.

Kiss Collecting

Section of New Year’s Eve is that midnight kiss. This kissing game stops at midnight, a perfect time to do so, or just before the end of the party. As your guests enter, hand each woman five to ten Hershey Kisses.

Let the men who visit your party know they are to assemble as many of the Hershey Kisses as possible during the party. The game can get tough and entertaining. When the time comes to an end of the game, give a nice prize to the winner.

Resolution Guess

This game requires pairing a resolution with the person who created it. As your guests come, have them jot down a New Year’s resolution and their name on a piece of paper.

During the party, provide your guests with a piece of paper and have them number it with a number for each guest. As you read the resolutions, write the number on the back of the slip of paper commencing with number one. Your guests try to guess who wrote the resolution. Show the correct answers, and the guest with the most correct answers wins this game.

Guess the Number

Have a large glass jar or pot packed with counted pieces of sweet, cents, small stones, or marbles on a table where your guests appear. Give small slips of paper to write the number of things they suppose the container keeps and their name. At the end of the party, confess the winner and the right number. The winner’s prize can be the jar or bowl and its contents if you use cents or sweet.

Jewelry Jam

Purchase reasonable costume jewelry wristbands from a dollar store or get them out of braided yarn. Give one for each guest. The purpose of this game is to collect as many bracelets as possible. To get someone else’s bracelet, you must take them to say “No!” This game lasts the whole party, with the winner the person who leads to collect the most bracelets.

Sweet Challenge

Leave some bags of M&M’s into a big bowl. Members get turns sucking the small candies into a straw and transferring them into another, smaller, bowl or cup. Players cannot utilize their hands to hold the bowl but must keep them behind their backs. Each player can suck and give the candies until the player to their right rolls a double dice. After every player receives a turn, the one with the most candies wins the game.

Marble Relay Race

You will want to save up some empty, cardboard paper towel rolls – one for every two players. Cut the paper towel cardboards lengthwise down the center to create a trough. Separate your guests into two or more teams of ten or fewer players. Half of a team is on one side of the hall and half on the other. The purpose is to use the cardboard to shift a marble back and forth until the entire team’s members have finished the race. If the marble is fallen, that player must start over.

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